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Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance

Septic Tanks

Black Water Solutions is here to help you with sewage disposal issues such as whether to install a septic tank - we are happy to make an on-site visit if that would be helpful.

We don't just install and main new septic tank systems, we can also repair and revitalise your existing septic tank system.

Please call us on the numbers above, or send us a no-obligation email here. Some of your questions may appear below - click on the question to get a brief answer.
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Frequently-asked Questions about Septic Tanks

How does a Septic Tank Work? Can I upgrade my existing Septic Tank? What size should my Septic Tank be? Can I use bleach or detegent with a Septic Tank installation?
Is it smelly? Does a septic tank need to be emptied? Is my existing Septic Tank working properly? What does it cost?